FTTx cabinet, manhole and entrance monitoring

Detect force opening and vandalism.

Using our fiber optic sensing solution you can detect intrusion and vandalism attempts already in the early stage giving you valuable time to take the appropriate action.

The monitoring system consists of passive optical sensors and an interrogation unit located at a remote site. The connection between unit and sensors is ensured via standard telecommunication optical fibers, e.g. dark fibers of an existing fiber optic network can be used.

Our solution is the most economical for a large area of monitored objects, which are not supplied with electricity.

The protection of your property and ensuring continuity of provided services can be a key issue especially in places without electricity or in hazardous areas where traditional ways of monitoring are very limited or almost impossible.

The sensor has been specifically designed to detect various methods of attacking protected structures and reject known environmental activity and potential false alarm scenarios.


» 100% passive sensor, no power needed at monitoring point
» Leverage existing dark fibers
» Detect attempts in early stage
» Real-time monitoring system - immediate detection
» Highest security level
» EMI immunity and explosion safety


» Street telecom cabinets and boxes
» Manholes & Handholes
» Entrance to tunnel systems
» Pipeline shafts
» Critical infrastructure and hard to reach locations
» Hazardous and explosive areas


(FTTx cabinets)

» detect tapping

» increase your service level

» detect unauthorized access


» detect unauthorized access

» detect open manholes


» to tunnel, mines and shafts

» detect unauthorized access

» detect open manholes