»  No power supply needed at the sensor site

»  100% passive sensors

»  Continuous real time monitoring and notification (24/7)

»  Compact and small sensor design

»  Easy and fast installation

»  Low operating costs as no maintenance

» No sensor calibration need

» Long life-time and high quality of service

» High sensitivity and extremely low false alarm rates

» Immune to EMI/RFI

» New services for existing fiber-optic networks 

» Managing large areas with a single system - high number of measuring points (up to 100 and large distance between the monitoring points)

» Alarms can be generated by relays, SMS, email or via communication interfaces (Ethernet, USB, serial) for GUI, SCADA, CCTV.

» System implementation into NMS

Software Integration

Different communication methods can be used to suit all requirements - either a simple SMS to the phone, or for a large number of monitoring points there is a server based software solution that can be integrated seamlessly with other software systems. The application is web- based and can be supplied as Software as a Service (SaaS) or hosted by the client.

Network of monitored cabinets
Network of monitored cabinets